Books in progress update – November

This is way, way overdue. Sorry. But you know website problems so I had nowhere to post it.

I was intent on finally getting the next book after Refuge written. I started it, and it does stand at 11k which is 10k more than it was at the beginning of October, but then I got side-tracked by a pretty stock photo and now I’m 35k into a standalone about a half-Russian contemporary ballet dancer and a sound engineer. So I’m guessing that will be next. No idea how long it will be. I’m hoping for around 60k but I said that about Taking Love’s Lead (ended up as 75k) and Edge of Living (82k) so who knows.

I’ve just released a follow up to A Temporary Situation, A Christmas Situation which has got me itching to write the 3rd and final instalment. Unfortunately, there’s the small matter of Paul from A Temporary Situation standing in the way. He needs his story first. I might try writing that at the same time as Rebellion (follow up to Refuge) because if Rebellion is anywhere near as tricky as the first one was to write, there’s going to be times when the words are going nowhere.

The Christmas novella I was supposed to put out this Christmas remains unfinished at 12k but I’m definitely planning to finish it for next year. The problem was, it’s not the most happy and cheery book, which is all well and good. I don’t think Christmas books have to always be cheery, but coming so soon after the darkness of Edge of Living, I think it would have been a bit much, or as my mum put it, “People are going to start asking, if you’re alright?” So assuming that no dark books crawl out of my fingertips prior to Christmas next year, that’s when I’ll publish my May/December, rich/poor xmas story.

So, that’s what’s on the horizon at the moment. And for anyone waiting for the book after Refuge, I’m sorry, I’m not doing it deliberately, but I do want to get it right.

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