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I did this on FB for an author interview tag so I thought I may as well post it here as well. 

Favorite character from your books: Well, I would say Tristan. But Tristan doesn’t work without Dom and vice versa. I mean just imagine two perky Tristans together, or two cynical, sarcastic Dominics, so they’re going to have to come as a pair.

Top Bestseller
: A Temporary Situation. Ironic really. I was still so green I did zero marketing.

Favourite book you’ve written: How are you meant to pick a favourite? My three favourites would probably be:A Temporary Situation – just because this is the book that I tend to get most comments about. A few people would probably like Tristan gift-wrapped for Christmas.Refuge – Because it’s still an unfinished story.Edge of Living – it was a huge challenge to write a book with no humour in and probably the only book where at least one of the characters isn’t quirky in some way.And of course my current WIP which has a very blunt half-Russian contemporary ballet dancer who walks around half-naked most of the time.

The longest book you’ve written: Refuge was the longest at over 90k.
The shortest book you’ve written: The Christmas follow on to A Temporary Situation was just below 30k. Before this it was Kept in the dark at 55k. Most of my books end up being way longer than the 60k that I aim for.

The first book you wrote: The first book I wrote is still unfinished and probably unlikely to see the light of day. Every now and again I contemplate going back and reading it and maybe posting it on my website or something, but that would require finishing it, and there’s so many other books that need writing.

The year you first published: 2015. It’ll be three years on Dec 21st exactly since Time for a Change was published with Loose id

The hardest book to write: Refuge. The only reason Kept in the Dark exists is because it was my side project that I kept veering over to write whenever Refuge hit a stumbling block which was quite often. There were probably a number of reasons. It was the first book I wrote in third person which took some getting used to when my first three had been in first. It had flashbacks. It was much more plot driven so trying to get the balance between action and romance was tricky.Special mention goes to Edge of Living though. Those last two chapters and epilogue really didn’t want to get written.

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