Elijah (Twisted Web#2)

Some people are players. Others are simply caught up in the game.

Elijah Page has undergone a metamorphosis. It may not have been of his own doing, but he’s happy with the end result. Therefore, when he’s abducted by a shadowy organization, he’s not about to take anything at face value. Who are they? What do they really want from him? And how much of what they’re telling him is the truth, particularly when it comes to Shai? They say they want to help him, to bring the old Elijah back, but that man’s long dead. Isn’t he?

Shai isn’t a man used to being outwitted. Nobody takes what belongs to him and gets away with it. But as the trail grows ever colder, and his fury grows, is he still making the right decisions? Or has Elijah’s presence in his life left him with a weakness that those who oppose him are only too willing to exploit?

Ex-military man Dale Miller is no stranger to unusual jobs, but this one seems more complicated than most. He doesn’t look at Elijah and see a killer. He sees an attractive man who’s been through hell and deserves protection. And he just might be the man for the job. Shai or no Shai.

Everyone’s got secrets. But who’s lying and who’s telling the truth? And how far are they prepared to go to get what they want?

There can be only one winner.

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