Temporary Insanity (Temporary; Paul and Indy #1)

Sleeping with the enemy never felt so good.

When Paul Davenport comes face to face with the man he caught in bed with his boyfriend years before, it’s hate at first sight. Well, second sight. Indy should be apologizing, not flirting. Except the gorgeous barman is completely oblivious to their paths ever having crossed before. 

Despite his feelings, Paul’s powerless to resist the full-on charm offensive that follows. It’s fine though. It’s just sex. No emotions. No getting to know each other. Just a bout of temporary insanity that’s sure to run its course once the simmering passion starts to wear off.

Only what if it’s not? Indy’s nothing like the man Paul expected him to be from his past actions. What if they’re perfect for each other and Paul’s just too stubborn to see it? Forging a relationship with him would require an emotional U-turn Paul might not be capable of making.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and Paul’s about to discover just how thin it really is. He can’t possibly be falling for the man that ruined his life. Can he?

Warning: This book contains hate sex—sort of, lots of banter, and a pink elephant. No, really it does. Actually, two elephants.

Please note: Although this book is in the Temporary series, it occurs during the same timeline as A Temporary Situation. Therefore both books can be read as standalones and in any order.