Time for a Change

What if the last thing you want, might be the very thing you need?

Stuffy and uptight accountant Michael’s life is exactly the way he likes it: ordered, routine and risk-free. He doesn’t need chaos and he doesn’t need anything shaking it up and causing him anxiety. The only blot on the horizon is the small matter of getting his ex-boyfriend Christian back. That’s exactly the type of man Michael goes for: cultured, suave and sophisticated.

Coffee shop employee, Sam, Is none of those things. He’s a ball of energy and happiness who thinks nothing of flaunting his half-naked muscular body and devastating smile in front of Michael when he’s trying to work. He knows what he wants—and that’s Michael. And no matter how much Michael tries to resist him, he’s not going to take no for an answer.

Sam eventually chips through Michael’s barriers and straight into his bed. But Michael’s already made some questionable decisions that might just come back to haunt him. He’s got some difficult choices to make if he’s ever going to find love. And he might just find that he’s too set in his ways to make the right ones quickly enough. If Michael’s not careful, the best thing that’s ever happened to him might just slip right through his fingers. Because even a patient man like Sam has his limits.

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