Works in Progress

I thought it might be an idea to add a page where I can update what I’m currently working on, and how far I’ve gotten with it. Be aware that the end length of a book is a complete guess, and probably not a very good one at that as I’ve proved over and over that I’m really bad at sticking to it. They invariably end up longer than they’re meant to be. Titles and publication dates are also an estimate and may change.

I’ll aim to update as frequently as I can.

Last updated on 22nd January 2022

A Wedding Situation (last book in Dom and Tristan’s story.) Probably 😀

2 000 words written of an estimated 30 000

No estimated release date. I may have written Paul’s story, but I may have dropped another character in there who will need their story before I can write this. I never said I was clever.

Friend or Foe (Magic and Destiny 1)

Book 1 of 3

59 000/59 000

Ready for edits.

As of March 29th 2021, the entire book is on Patreon

It will stay on there until books 2 and 3 have been written and I publish book 1. Be aware it does have a dub con element at the beginning of the story.

A Temporary Situation (Tristan POV)

A Temporary Situation but written from Tristan’s point of view.

90 053/91 000

A Patreon exclusive which will never be published. New chapters are posted every fortnight on a Saturday. The first chapter can be read without subscribing. The first 27 chapters are currently published on Patreon.

All chapters have now been written.

Elijah (working title) – H.L Night book

This is a sequel to Shai. Estimated release date – end of Feb

94 000/94 000

Written and sent to betas.

As yet untitled (a story in the same world as Exposed)

9002/80 000